How to buy the right mattress for a good night’s sleep

Some of us are sleeping on beds that were made just after dinosaurs went extinct. We try to tell ourselves that our bed isn’t really that old, but sit down and do the math. You could be sleeping on a bed that’s completely worn out. And that may be the reason why you aren’t getting a good night’s rest.

The life expectancy of a mattress is around seven years according to Consumer Reports. Unfortunately, many people are sleeping on mattresses that are 10 years old or older. There are several reasons for this. Some people say that they aren’t sure exactly what type of mattress to buy and they don’t want to buy the wrong thing. Others say that mattresses are too expensive and they can’t afford it.

Tips for mattress buying

Most of us are simply confused by all the ads we see on TV and online about mattresses. Some advertise that their mattress is made of high-quality condensed foam. Others are using air bed technology with a thick cushiony topping. Some of the newest beds appear to be plastic egg crates and they don’t look comfortable at all.

Once you realize that you actually do need a new mattress, you may want to do some research online comparing prices and features. Some companies offer a service where they will pick up and haul away the old mattress.  If this is something you will need, be sure to ask about it.

Financing for mattresses is the best way to go since this is a product you’ll probably own for a long time. Ask about interest rates and terms. Ask about the return policy. And don’t be afraid to move forward buying a new mattress. You’ll start getting a sound night’s sleep and it will all be worth it.