Boost Your Immune System With Vitamins and EGCG

Article written by Cellan Diet Pills. EGCG rich green tea is well associated with boosting immune system in humans and Vitamins A, C and D are additional immune boosters. This is why Cellan Pills carry 100 percent green tea extract and Vitamins C and B3.

In order to enhance your immune system there are lots of suggestions including sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, high protein diet; regular exercises, ample rest and sleep, stress-free lifestyle, and programs such as yoga. But do you know a supplement rich in Vitamins including Vitamins A, C and D are equally important for improved immune functions? Among many of immune boosters, Vitamin C has anti-viral qualities and helps to enhance immune system. For certain cancer patients and those who are suffering from Lyme disease can benefit from a mega dose of it with diarrhea being the only side effect. Any excess Vitamin C that your body cannot absorb will be eliminated from your body’s natural functions. Cellan Pills is a supplement made of all natural ingredients and rich in Vitamin C and B3 to help improve your immune system. Additionally, EGCG found in green tea has been used by Chinese for centuries to boost their immune system.

The Dos and Don’ts of Losing Weight with SENSA® Chews


Are you using the SENSA® Weight-Loss System? Congratulations, you’re joining millions of people who have already said yes to SENSA®. The program is simple: you have to shake SENSA® on everything you eat, from breakfast to dinner and all of your snacks in between. Unlike typical weight-loss programs, this product works with your sense of smell to help you lose weight.

But in addition to the SENSA® shakers, the program has other products that can be used to maximize your weight-loss efforts. One of these products is the SENSA® Chews. These chocolate chews are designed to be a low-calorie snack to help users feel satisfied in between meals. SENSA® Chews are not only low in calories, but also a good source of fiber and enhanced with green coffee bean extract. Not sure how to use them? No problem. Here’s a look at the dos and don’ts of losing weight with SENSA® Chews.

Do enjoy one or two SENSA® chews between meals. When it’s time for a snack, healthy options such as fruit and vegetables don’t always satisfy our sweet tooth. So how do you enjoy something tasty and sweet without indulging in unhealthy snacks like cake, cookies, and chocolate bars? The answer is SENSA® Chews. The makers of the SENSA® Weight-Loss System have created this delicious, low-calories snack for people who want something more than fruit and vegetables between snacks.

Do eat SENSA® chews with a glass of water. SENSA® chews are created to be more than a tasty snack: they are designed to help curb your appetite. However, it’s important to eat the chews along with eight ounces of water. Drinking eight ounces of water along with the chews will help curb your appetite.

Don’t take SENSA® chews without SENSA® Tastants. Many people wonder whether they can take the SENSA® CHEWS without using the SENSA® Tastants and still lose weight. Although the ingredients in the SENSA® chews have been shown to help users stay full in between meals, it’s recommended that you use the SENSA® Weight-Loss System along with the CHEWS.

Don’t underestimate regular exercise and portion control. Many people have lose weight using the SENSA® Weight-Loss System, which is why there have been few SENSA® complaints compared to positive reviews.However, it’s still important to get regular exercise and watch your portions. When it comes to portion control, SENSA® is here to help. The system is designed to help encourage satiety and promote portion control while eating.