Does it Make Sense to Shop Online for Contact Lenses?

Summary: Contact lenses can be purchased in almost any manner nowadays – that includes via online marketplaces.

Online shopping has taken over the country by storm. With giant conglomerates leading the way along with other businesses making the switch to e-commerce, it was only a matter of time before contact lenses made their way to the digital marketplace.

Now, although this might be an extremely popular option for the ordinary consumer, there are a ton of risks involved – similar to those that you would experience with other online stores. Here is a breakdown so you can decide whether you want to try this alternative out or not.


Because the Internet doesn’t force you to get into the car, drive through traffic, and wait in line to pay, it’s become a handy option for those on the go. But, before you make the purchase, it’s important that consumer understand that an online purchase isn’t as simple as others. For this specific order, you must provide a valid prescription that’s authorized by a licensed eye care professional.

Because contact lenses are considered medical devices, the risk of damage and infection increases if you purchase something that isn’t recommended by an optometrist. Always be on the safe side of caution when it comes to medical devices.

Be Wary of Any Red Flags

If you find a website that claims you don’t need a prescription, you should think twice before doing business with said company. It’s a giant red flag because companies that operate in this manner are doing so in a grey area. Although merchants may get away with this, and you can still obtain contact lenses, who says you won’t suffer an infection or irritation with the product you receive?

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