Can a person’s enamel be naturally restored?

Article written by Elite Dental Group

As a person ages, their teeth will begin to weaken due to wear and tear. The first signs of wear are seen in a person’s enamel. Once a person’s enamel weakens, they are susceptible to cavities, chipping, and breakage.

It is important to note that if a person’s enamel is highly damaged, and includes cracks and chips, it is difficult to strengthen the enamel to its natural state. However, in cases where the enamel is slightly weakened or if tooth decay is in its pre-cavity stages, some measures can reharden enamel naturally.

Here are some tips that can help a person naturally restore their enamel.

Brush with fluoride toothpaste and avoid rinsing  – Weak enamel will need remineralization and this can be done by using a remineralizing toothpaste with fluoride to strengthen teeth. It is best to avoid rinsing after brushing to leave the fluoride on the teeth’s surface for an added level of protection.

Chew sugar-free gum – Sugar-free gum will stimulate saliva production and reduce bacteria in the mouth.

Try a fluoride mouthwash – A fluoride mouthwash will help to add a further layer of protection to help reduce bacteria while helping harden enamel.

A balanced diet – A balanced diet full of whole foods, will reduce overall inflammation and help the body naturally heal itself. Consider adding lean meats, vegetables, and fruits to your diet while reducing processed foods.

It is important to note that the remineralization process can take up to 3-4 months. But as the process takes place, patients usually notice that their teeth seem stronger, less sensitive, and whiter.

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