What can be done about sensitive teeth?

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Sensitive teeth can mean avoiding hot or cold foods and in some cases sweet or sour foods. Understanding the reasons behind sensitive teeth can help patients manage their symptoms.

To ensure already sensitive teeth remain healthy, it is important to protect one’s teeth enamel. Teeth enamel is a hard protective layer that protects a tooth’s nerve endings. If a person’s enamel is damaged their nerve endings will be exposed, causing sensitivity.

To reduce damage, it is important to clean teeth gently. Side to side brushing is known to cause enamel damage compared to brushing in a circular gentle motion. Dentists also advise using soft bristle toothbrushes and working the brush at a 45-degree angle to keep teeth and enamel strong.

Avoid eating acidic foods like sodas, sticky candy and high-sugar carbs. Instead, opt for fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. To fight acid and bacteria always stay hydrated which increases saliva production.

Another problem that can aggravate sensitive teeth is teeth grinding. Over time teeth grinding will wear through teeth enamel and damage teeth. To reduce teeth grinding patients will have to address their stress levels while consulting a dentist on creating a mouth guard to stop grinding while they sleep.

Sensitivity can also be aggravated by bleaching. Some teeth bleaching products especially over-the-counter varieties can be strong and may require several applications to achieve desired results. If your bleaching habits are the result of your sensitivity, stop whitening your teeth and consider consulting a dentist who can offer professional in-office whitening procedures.

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The benefits of moving into an Assisted Living Facility

Moving into an assisted living facility may seem daunting for some as it means leaving a family home and embarking on a new chapter. Although this process may seem difficult it can also be an opportunity for seniors to live happier, healthier lives.

Today’s senior assisted living Pasadena offer a wide range of assistance from daily activities to memory care.

Here are some of the main benefits assisted living facilities offer:  

Reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness – When seniors feel isolated and lonely, they can expose themselves to many illnesses. Being part of a community of seniors reduces the feeling of loneliness and helps seniors discuss their concerns with peers of their age.

A decline in health – Most Americans will face chronic conditions after the age of 50. These conditions will worsen with age. Therefore, receiving proper medical care daily can help seniors live a fulfilling life.

Financial mismanagement – Paying bills and managing daily expenses can be a difficult task for most seniors.

Hoarding – Hoarding may seem a harmless habit, but it can be a concern if it causes difficulty to move around a home, increases the chances of a fire, or makes cleaning difficult.

Poor hygiene – Staying clean is a big part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Some seniors may find it hard to manage daily showers as they may be afraid of falls.

It is important to choose a facility that matches a senior’s physical requirements and medical needs. Choosing the right facility can mean living a healthy, happy life with the ability to maintain a sense of independence.

One of the most recommended places in Glendale is Glen Terra assisted living facility Los Angeles. This is a lovely place in the heart of Glendale with spacious apartments. They offer a beautiful dining room, game rooms, a home theatre, hair salon and restaurant style cuisine, along with a long list of other amenities. This is a premier assisted living facility in Los Angeles county with great reviews and feedback.

3 Good Reasons to Get a Hearing Test

If you’re over 65, you may start experiencing a bit of hearing loss. Sometimes, you’ll need to get glasses to see close up or far away. This is all part of getting older. The human body begins to wear out just like an automobile. A new car performs much better than a car that’s twenty years old.

A hearing test is performed by an audiologist. Just like an eye doctor, this specialist was trained in one special area: to work with those who have hearing issues. It’s easy to tell when your vision needs attention. You aren’t able to see as well. Things are sometimes blurry. But hearing loss can be harder to detect. It happens gradually over a period of time. You get used to it little by little and don’t even notice.

Below are three great reasons to get a hearing test.

Early treatment will provide you with a better prognosis. As with all problems in life, if we just ignore something, it will usually get worse. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore things like a tooth ache or a noise in the engine of your car. Eventually, you’ll have to do something about it.

Testing for hearing loss can help diagnose other health problems. Sometimes hearing loss is the direct result of some other illness. These include but are not limited to hypertension, kidney disease, influenza, thyroid disease and diabetes.

Improve your quality of life. If you aren’t hearing sounds well, then your quality of life can be impaired. Just like vision loss, you may not know what’s going on at times.

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What are the Symptoms of Depression?

With the world now entering its second year of dealing with the Pandemic, it has now become more important than ever that we all address mental health issues. People everywhere are reporting problems that range from:


Loss of focus

Sleep problems


Losing interest in friends and activities

If you or someone you know has been suffering with these symptoms, then The Global Spiritualist Association has resources to help. You may need counseling or medication to make it through these trying times. Don’t despair. Reach out for help.

Of course, numerous countries now have effective vaccines that can provide up to 94% protection against COVID-19. The trouble is that a sector of the population believes these vaccines are unsafe. This has left so much uncertainty in everyday life. Whether you are going off to work or out with friends, there is a strong concern that it may not be safe. The Global Spiritualist Association understands.

The Global Spiritualist Association has created a series of forums with the world’s most distinguished spiritualists and spiritual mentors to help. They promote philanthropy that enhances the development of human mind. They offer multi-dimensional services from the world’s outstanding spiritual teachers.

TGSA coordinates and arranges various scientific exchange activities in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

TGSA organizes the Annual Global Spiritualist Forum, the world’s top forum for spiritualists, with the mission of “bringing problem-solving energy to the world and giving everyone the ability to love and feel love.”

How green tea benefits your exercise and health goals

green tea with leaf

Everyone who works out, eats healthy, and looks out for their health in general wants to do everything they can to maximize their hard work. One unlikely and surprising way is the consumption of green tea, like those sold by Generation Tea.

Green tea has so many benefits that it would be difficult to list here, including but not limited to headache reduction, restoring balance, and even as a digestive aid. What is most surprising, however, are the benefits directly related to health and fitness. It is not unlike Aged pu-erh tea which also has a range of its own health benefits.


Green tea can directly improve your exercise performance, thanks to its ability to increase your blood flow, which then increases oxygenation of your bodily organs. It might not compare to a caffeine-heavy pre-workout on store shelves, but it is a whole lot healthier for you.


You an even get an energy boost from the caffeine in green tea. There is just enough to give you a boost, but not so much that would give you a caffeine crash or the jitters. How do you maximize this? Drink your green tea at least 30 minutes before your workout.


This is even more of a surprise. Green tea improves your hydration because it helps the water in your tea is better absorbed, while there is not enough caffeine in the tea to act as a diuretic.


Finally, it lowers your stress levels, and nothing helps with post workout recovery like a stress reducer.

Create a Healthy New Life with More Abundance

You may be looking for a way to do a complete makeover on your whole life. What if you could start over and do things differently? For many of us, it would be tempting to be able to go back to the beginning and start over. You might want to get more education or marry a different person. We all make choices for our lives each day and sometimes those choices work out well and sometimes they don’t.

Whether you are ready to start from scratch or just fix a few things in your life, it’s never too late to begin. One of the big issues that many of us have is that we simply don’t have enough money. You may not have enough time each day for all the things you want to do. As you begin to think about creating a healthy new life, start with a thorough assessment of your current life.

Try making some lists of the things in your life that you would like to change and then outline a plan to make those changes. Getting more education is usually a good idea. Sometimes it is helpful to get specialized training in one field. Many of us have relationships that we would also want to improve.

Focus on things that you can change about your life. You can’t change those around you, but you can change the way you deal with problems. Make up your mind today to create a healthy new life with the abundance mindset.

A quote from the book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

Creating abundance empowers you to pursue what you need and desire, thus making you unfearful of the unknown.

With many years as a well-known spiritualist leader and teacher in her field, Zhang Xinyue is known for a variety of achievements. Her creation of the Abundance system aims to promote a meaningful and straight forward approach to life’s philosophical issues. In 2012, she finished one of her best-selling books, Create Abundance. The book is a collection of quotes containing words of wisdom on how to develop body-mind-spirit cultivation.

 Zhang Xinyue’s Create Abundance was initially released in Chinese, but it is also available in English and other languages now. A second version of the book has also recently been released.

The Art of Staying Focused on Your Successful Future

Article by The Global Spiritualists Association

Some of us are lucky enough to have found a profession we love and are good at. You may not be the wealthiest person on earth but enjoying what you do is priceless. Remember that obstacles are part of the process to success.

Most successful people will say that they’ve had setbacks and obstacles throughout their journey and yet they loved what they were doing so much that they never dreamed of giving up. This intense passion is often shared by successful artists, writers, business people and entrepreneurs. They don’t see the pitfalls as signs they should quit; instead they see them as learning opportunities.

Choose to Win

Success is an adventure of discovery. Every plateau of achievement awakens new dimensions in us. Even though we all experience failures throughout our lives, we can make a choice to learn important lessons or get discouraged and quit. Life’s biggest fiascoes can give us the motivation we need to remain steady and on course.  If there is truly a secret to success, it has to be that one thing.

Make life a journey of discovery that you thoroughly enjoy. Stay excited about your future. The possibilities will be endless when you develop this mindset. You’ll stay fired up and ready to tackle any problem that comes your way. This type of success usually comes with longevity and spills over into other areas of your life. You’ll find that your relationships are happier, your finances are stronger, and you have a better mental attitude. Success is about more than just money. It’s about having a full, complete, happy life in every area.

The Global Spiritualists Association was founded in 1999 and they work with business leaders helping them attain their dreams.  The Global Spiritualists Association provides mentoring and advice to help business owners meet the tough challenges in today’s business world. TGSA was founded in 1999 by Zhang Xinyue. She is a spiritualist, a teacher and mentor and a successful business leader.

How California dental laws have changed the DIY Orthodontics Industry

Article By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.  

Some people are talking about the Do-it-Yourself braces. They seem like a good idea and a cheaper option. Once California’s Assembly Bill 1519 was signed into law, it signaled a greater degree of guidance for people looking for an inexpensive way to get Invisalign braces. There are a few of these websites now that offer the DIY option such as SmileDirectClub, Candid and Byte.

Though some patients have had success, others have had massive problems. That’s why California’s lawmakers signed the bill into law. It is there to protect patients and let them know that it can be dangerous to choose the DIY option.

Having a board-certified orthodontist for regular checkups is super important. Why? Because everyone’s mouth is different. Your teeth and gums are unlike anyone else’s. Your particular level of health is also different. What works for one person may not work for you. You need a thorough exam before beginning the process of straightening your teeth. You need regular exams each month to ensure that your teeth are moving in the right direction.

Though getting the perfect smile is important, so is your overall health. If your teeth should move in the wrong direction, it can be expensive to fix that. These are just a few reasons why we suggest seeing a licensed orthodontist about your braces. Don’t leave important things like that to chance or DIY websites. Come in and let us talk to you about your smile. We’re here to make sure you get the best treatment possible.

Article written by Remarkable Smiles OrthodonticsDr. Mark Rashidi and his staff at Remarkable Smiles want to help you improve your smile. He is an Orthodontist in Laguna Hills serving surrounding cities including Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and Irvine. Dr. Mark is highly experienced in all types of braces including Invisalign, traditional metal braces and ceramic braces.

Popular cosmetic dentistry procedures

Cosmetic dentistry provides treatment options that will align, whiten, and reshape your teeth to achieve that perfect smile. Here are some popular procedures which will improve the appearance of your smile.

Teeth whitening – Caffeinated drinks, smoking, or poor oral habits can cause your teeth to stain. One of the simplest ways to improve your smile is to get your teeth whitened. The degree of whitening you would require would depend on the level of discoloration.

Dental veneers – Veneers are a good option for those with badly damaged or misshapen teeth. This process involves removing a thin layer of your natural tooth and bonding a shell of colored porcelain or resin over the tooth.

Dental bonding – Dental bonding, involves placing a tooth-colored durable plastic material over a tooth and hardening it using ultra violate light. Bonding is a great way to reshape teeth and is an affordable alternative in comparison to veneers.

A dental crown – Dental crowns are fitted above the gum line to cover a damaged or misshapen tooth. A crown can be made with metal alloys, ceramic, porcelain, or composite resin. This procedure can help to strengthen a weak tooth, preventing further damage and improving appearance.

Dental Implants – Dental implants fill a gap left by a missing tooth. Your dentist will attach an artificial titanium root to your jawbone, on which an artificial tooth is attached.

Inlays and Onlays – This procedure uses dental fillings made from a mixture of metal, gold, or porcelain that fill decayed or damaged teeth. If the filling is placed in the center of the tooth or biting surface, it is called an “inlay”. While a tooth that is damaged in multiple locations and requires a filling that covers most of the tooth is called an “onlay”.

Elite Dental Group is one of the leading clinics with a team of professionals who are experienced in handling all types of cosmetic dentistry and wisdom tooth extraction in Glendale CA. They provide every client with cosmetic dentistry options that are safe and effective, while always achieving a perfect smile. Their cosmetic dentistry glendale ca clinic offers a comfortable facility using modern equipment that is safe and less invasive.

How to buy the right mattress for a good night’s sleep

Some of us are sleeping on beds that were made just after dinosaurs went extinct. We try to tell ourselves that our bed isn’t really that old, but sit down and do the math. You could be sleeping on a bed that’s completely worn out. And that may be the reason why you aren’t getting a good night’s rest.

The life expectancy of a mattress is around seven years according to Consumer Reports. Unfortunately, many people are sleeping on mattresses that are 10 years old or older. There are several reasons for this. Some people say that they aren’t sure exactly what type of mattress to buy and they don’t want to buy the wrong thing. Others say that mattresses are too expensive and they can’t afford it.

Tips for mattress buying

Most of us are simply confused by all the ads we see on TV and online about mattresses. Some advertise that their mattress is made of high-quality condensed foam. Others are using air bed technology with a thick cushiony topping. Some of the newest beds appear to be plastic egg crates and they don’t look comfortable at all.

Once you realize that you actually do need a new mattress, you may want to do some research online comparing prices and features. Some companies offer a service where they will pick up and haul away the old mattress.  If this is something you will need, be sure to ask about it.

Financing for mattresses is the best way to go since this is a product you’ll probably own for a long time. Ask about interest rates and terms. Ask about the return policy. And don’t be afraid to move forward buying a new mattress. You’ll start getting a sound night’s sleep and it will all be worth it.