What are the Symptoms of Depression?

With the world now entering its second year of dealing with the Pandemic, it has now become more important than ever that we all address mental health issues. People everywhere are reporting problems that range from:


Loss of focus

Sleep problems


Losing interest in friends and activities

If you or someone you know has been suffering with these symptoms, then The Global Spiritualist Association has resources to help. You may need counseling or medication to make it through these trying times. Don’t despair. Reach out for help.

Of course, numerous countries now have effective vaccines that can provide up to 94% protection against COVID-19. The trouble is that a sector of the population believes these vaccines are unsafe. This has left so much uncertainty in everyday life. Whether you are going off to work or out with friends, there is a strong concern that it may not be safe. The Global Spiritualist Association understands.

The Global Spiritualist Association has created a series of forums with the world’s most distinguished spiritualists and spiritual mentors to help. They promote philanthropy that enhances the development of human mind. They offer multi-dimensional services from the world’s outstanding spiritual teachers.

TGSA coordinates and arranges various scientific exchange activities in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

TGSA organizes the Annual Global Spiritualist Forum, the world’s top forum for spiritualists, with the mission of “bringing problem-solving energy to the world and giving everyone the ability to love and feel love.”

Can a Mental Health Disorder Cause You To Get Your Driver’s License Suspended?

Article by Delta Driving School

Issues of mental health are a profoundly private matter and should always remain confidential between a patient and their doctor. Despite that, due to how deeply intertwined the California Department of Motor Vehicles is to the day-to-day functions of the state, the DMV has the authority to investigate into any suggestion that a driver suffers from a mental health disorder that could potentially affect their ability to drive. [Read more…]