How green tea benefits your exercise and health goals

green tea with leaf

Everyone who works out, eats healthy, and looks out for their health in general wants to do everything they can to maximize their hard work. One unlikely and surprising way is the consumption of green tea, like those sold by Generation Tea.

Green tea has so many benefits that it would be difficult to list here, including but not limited to headache reduction, restoring balance, and even as a digestive aid. What is most surprising, however, are the benefits directly related to health and fitness. It is not unlike Aged pu-erh tea which also has a range of its own health benefits.


Green tea can directly improve your exercise performance, thanks to its ability to increase your blood flow, which then increases oxygenation of your bodily organs. It might not compare to a caffeine-heavy pre-workout on store shelves, but it is a whole lot healthier for you.


You an even get an energy boost from the caffeine in green tea. There is just enough to give you a boost, but not so much that would give you a caffeine crash or the jitters. How do you maximize this? Drink your green tea at least 30 minutes before your workout.


This is even more of a surprise. Green tea improves your hydration because it helps the water in your tea is better absorbed, while there is not enough caffeine in the tea to act as a diuretic.


Finally, it lowers your stress levels, and nothing helps with post workout recovery like a stress reducer.