The Kim Kardashian Diet

Kim Kardashian has a smashing round body. She appears to have gotten curvier lately, but that not stopped her getting more popular. Unlike other celebrities she does not go in and out of diet phases. Other celebrities let go in between movies. Choosing to relax, and then undergoing strict three to six month training programs just before a movie or project.

She loved to eat unhealthy food (like all of us) but had to change to tone herself down to a weight of 107lbs. Her height is 5’2″ and her measurements are 34-26-39. But the prize is that 39′ buttock.

The Kim Kardashian Diet is quite simple. She stays away from junk food and limits herself to roughly 1400-1500 calories a day. Here is a sample of one daily meal routine:

Breakfast: Smoothie made with peanut butter, bananas and protein veggie powder
Lunch: Cobb salad with ranch dressing, iced tea with 5 sachets of Equal sugar sweeteners
Snacks: Sugar cookies, sliced apple with 1 tablespoon chunky peanut butter
Dinner: A tiny slice of pizza bread, 6 ounces grilled salmon served with pesto sauce, a cup of brown rice, 2 cups broccoli