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People who want to get in better shape often get the best results from taking on the Paleo Diet. Its focus on natural foods can work wonders by repairing damage you may have done to your body over the years by eating processed, unnatural options. Plus, most people find that the meals they eat are much better tasting, too, which makes it easy to stick to this plan.

However, there’s also the way that Paleo Dieters tend to think about exercise too. Obviously, exercise is a natural part of being human and certainly important to those looking to get into better shape. While there may be some different views, most stray from the conventional wisdom out there.

Paleo workouts tend to be brief, as opposed to the hour or longer sessions many spend lifting weights every day. They also tend to focus on major muscle groups as opposed to focusing on just one or two at a time. So instead of doing bicep curls, preacher curls and/or hammer curls, a person would do chin-ups instead. This exercise would certainly hit the biceps, but it would also target the back in a major way too.

They also have very little cardio, at least in the traditional sense. Paleo exercisers are fond of long walks and doing sprints—exercises they believe are more in tune with how we were designed. But they generally don’t spend a lot of time running long distances.

Like the diet, exercises for Paleo adherents focus on natural choices and efficiency.

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